Model: Fabio Stallone


Behind the Scenes – Fabio’s Palm Springs Shoot

August 9, 2012
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Thanks Zac for taking this video of me taking photos of Fabio Stallone at our hotel in Palm Springs. It was an amazing warm day in the desert. And the day got even hotter when Fabio turned up to get naked in the waterfall and the hot tub. I was changing angles all the time to avoid getting any of the other guests or some nearby works in shot. But at least everyone else got to appreciate the view. I filmed Fabio jacking off back at my room shortly after this. I still can't believe how nice it was of the hotel to let us film in the gardens. We'll definitely be back! Fabio can come too.

Jacking outside with Fabio

April 20, 2012
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I was incredibly turned on while shooting this video of Fabio at my hotel in Palm Springs.   We had been shooting Fabio in and out of clothes in the gardens around my room.   He was getting very horny as I teased him with my own cock sticky rock hard out of my footy shorts.   I could tell that it was getting him excited which got me going even more.   While I filmed Fabio jacking off on my bed I was jerking my own cock and his mate was standing in the corner also working his cock.   This was a really hot scene.   I think we were all turned on by Fabio putting on a hot show.   Eventually Fabio gets up and walks out in to the garden to finish himself off.   I quickly laid down on the ground to film his cum shot from below. Fabio Stallone is an incredibly hot porn star in California.   I'm looking forward to seeing more of his videos, and hopefully our paths will cross again and we'll shoot some more horny fun together.